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Category: Games, Learning Toys
Material : Wood
Dimensions : L= 3,4cm, plywood, 76 parts, per piece
Weight : 0.27
Sales Unit : 1 Set
Age Recommendation: 5+


Playing dominos is fun. And Tri-Domino is three times as much fun! Objective: The triangular tiles must be laid in such a way that a large triangle with a 4 or 5-fold edge length is created. 2 - 4 players will have a lot of pleasure playing the game. WITH THE TRI-DOMINO THE FUN IS TRIPLED! The triangular tiles must be placed so that a large triangle is formed, whose side length is 4 or 5 times larger. Each rectangular piece has numbers from zero to nine represented The objective of the game is to place all your chips or most of them, placing them with each other, always touching with equal numbers. The winner is the one who manages to place all his chips or the one that counts fewer points in the game. You can also invent more complicated rules to play with these same cards, play in one direction, find a point system based on the points of the chips, or count the points ... There are numerous possibilities to modify the rules to make it even more funny. measurement:L= 3.4 cm

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