899 1199
Category: Learning Toys, Return Gifts
Material : Wood
Dimensions : Ø= 4 cm, H= 3,9 cm, wood 4 assorted
Weight : 0.04
Age Recommendation: 5+


The idea behind a ‘baby tooth keepsake box’ is for your child or you to be able to keep their first baby tooth to fall out. Either, they can use it to keep their tooth safe until the tooth fairy collects it, or alternatively, they could leave a little note to the tooth fairy asking her if she wouldn’t mind if they kept the tooth. The tooth fairy can still leave a gift. That way, your child can hold onto their first milk tooth in this safe wooden box with a screw on lid. These little boxes make lovely return gifts for 4-6 year old or can be used as baby shower gifts for little keepsakes like first locks of hair! These come with cute animal designs in a set of 4!

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