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Category: Games
Material : Wood
Dimensions : 25,5 x 17,5 x 3,2cm, wood, 2 dice, per piece
Weight : 0.52
Sales Unit : 1 piece
Age Recommendation: 5+


Learn how to count together! Depending on the number of eyes on the dice you fold back the wooden blocks. Can you manage that at the end all the blocks are folded back? "The object of the game is to flip over as many numbers as possible or all the numbers on the board. The player who manages to flip over all the numbers is the winner. If any numbers remain open, they are added up and the player with the lowest total or score is the winner. A tactic wooden game for two people or two teams. The players sit opposite each other, and each player receives two dice. The board is set up with the numbers visible. The players throw the dice simultaneously. The game is always played with both dice. The numbers rolled on the two dice are added and then the first open numbers can be flipped. If, for example, you roll a 3 and a 6, you have five different possibilities to flip numbers: 1) 9 can be flipped over 2) 8 and 1 can be flipped over 3) 7 and 2 can be flipped over 4) 6 and 3 can be flipped over 5) 5 and 4 can be flipped over The sum of the rolled numbers therefore always corresponds to the sum of the numbers flipped over. The combination in which you flip over the numbers is your tactical decision. Only one or two numbers can be flipped. Each player must make one of these two moves after every throw. Each player continues to throw the dice until either all the numbers have been flipped over or he cannot flip any more numbers. If the player cannot flip any more numbers, the remaining, visible numbers are added together. The player with the lowest total wins that round of the game. The boards are returned to the starting position; all the numbers are flipped open. The next round can begin. Contains: Game board with flip-up numbers 2dice"

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