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About three years ago, we moved to Germany for work, it was a great experience. What struck us was a stark difference in culture, habits, food, etc. but what struck us was their attitude towards their kids. How they were ever so respectful towards them, how they were so careful about what their kids wear, eat or even play with. This was possible because of the plethora of high quality of kid’s products available there. There was a question that kept plaguing me why can’t my kids have these back home too? Don’t they deserve the same respect, the same quality? Many a times I would dream of sitting in a Toyroom with these wonders and just enjoy reading in a corner or doing my thing while the kids played. Not having to worry about my kids mouthing them or hurting themselves with the sharp plastic edges.

The best high-quality toys we have here in India have often given me a broken toe or a nick in the foot when I stepped on them accidently, leave alone the kids. That’s when the Idea of Toyroom dawned upon me. I thought wouldn't it be great (pun intended) to provide kids back home these gems so they could have quality play time away from cheap or plastic toys or electronic gadgets and make their playtime safer and more engaging.

At Toyroom we have a collection of great developmental toys which offer unsurpassed educational benefit for children during their formative years. Everything in the Toyroom is chosen keeping safety and durability in mind. Only the products of the highest-grade materials are used and our partners’ rigorous testing procedures ensure that quality standards remain consistently high.

When choosing a toy for your much-loved child it’s comforting to know that, not only are you giving the very best in quality and design, but your purchase is informed and has come from the very best of sources.

These toys are not only high quality but also are great resources for long hours of fun and creative play. They are extremely open ended and allow for multiple learning opportunities. They help in developing fine motor skills, promote role play, provide great sensorial learning and enhance memory and cognitive skills. They also provide a great foundation for STEM based learning.

The philosophy of Toyroom is to be committed to offer an extensive range of products, which offer excellent play and educational value, along with fun and excitement during a child's formative years.

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